QATrack+: QC Data Management for Radiation Therapy & Medical Imaging Clinics

  • Replace Excel spreadsheets with a robust database and consistent user interface
  • Record and review treatment and imaging QC data
  • QA program scheduling and status
  • Vendor neutral: Suitable for Linacs, Tomotherapy, Cyberknife, HDR, CT, MRI etc
  • Integrated machine service log and parts tracking
  • Online machine QC image analysis
  • API For automation and scripting

QATrack+ and Multi Leaf

First released in 2012, QATrack+ is now in use in radiation therapy and medical imaging clinics around the world!

QATrack+ replaces error prone spreadsheets

QATrack+ is being used around the world to replace spreadsheets and paper forms with a more robust database and consistent user interface.

QATrack+ fits into your workflow

Software should adapt itself to the way your clinic works, not the other way around. QATrack+ allows you to continue performing QA the way you believe is best, but keeps all your data in an a convenient and consistent interface.

The most flexible QA solution available

QATrack+ allows you to define Test Lists that record the data you think is important, and perform analysis the way you want it done.

Scheduling system built in

QATrack+ allows you to schedule your QA at regular intervals and makes it simple to see what QA is upcoming and overdue.

Users, Groups, and Permissions

The built in user and permission system allows you to see who performed QA and limit what QA users are allowed to perform and what actions they are allowed to take.

Machine Service Log & Parts Tracker

Track machine down time, preventative maintenance, personel involved in service events, and spare parts on hand with the built in service log application.

Multi Leaf makes QATrack+ Hassle Free

Multi Leaf is the simplest way to get up and running with QATrack+ in the cloud or on premise. Our professional hosting services allow you to concentrate on your clinic rather than IT infrastructure.