Multi Leaf Cloud Hosting

Multi Leaf Consulting offers secure, reliable installations of QATrack+ on cloud servers. We understand your QA program is part of the bedrock of providing safe and effective treatment and imaging solutions to your patients. By using Multi Leaf's hosting services, you can stop thinking about IT infrastructure and scores of error prone Excel spreadsheets.

Save your physicists and therapists time by centralizing all your QA/QC data entry, analysis, and review onto a single consistent platform.

QATrack+'s data entry interface

QC Data Platform

First and foremost, QATrack+ is a QC data management platform. QATrack+ allows you to replace all your spreadsheets and analysis scripts with a centralized and consistent interface for both entering and reviewing QC data.

QATrack+'s data entry interface

QA Program Overview

QATrack+'s has a built in scheduling system that allows you to keep track of what QA needs to be performed and the user group it is assigned to. The QA Program Overview page makes it trivial to see at a glance what the overall status of your QA program is.

QATrack+'s QA Program Overview page

Interactive charting

QATrack+ comes with a built in data trending solution to make it possible to spot trends in historical data, compare data from one machine to another and more!

Flexible test configuration

QATrack+ has many different Test types including; numerical, file and image upload/analysis, calculations based on other test values, multiple choice, text values, and constants. These Test Types give you the power and flexibility to configure your Test Lists and calculations as you see fit. Need to modify your Test List down the road? No problem, you can always add or remove tests from a test list without losing historical data.

QATrack+ comes with many built in test types

Online machine QC image analysis

Using QATrack+'s upload test type, you can submit images to be analysed with your own custom Python routines, or using Pylinac.

QATrack+'s online image analysis

Your analysis, your way

QATrack+ is built with flexibility in mind. No two clinics are exactly alike and as an expert you should be able to configure your software to meet the needs of your own clinic. That's why QATrack+ allows you to define analysis scripts in the familiar Python programming language.

QATrack+ Allows you to easily define custom calculations and analysis routines using Python

Instant feedback

QATrack+'s flexible reference and tolerance system allows you to set reference values for tests and give your users instant feedback on whether their test values are falling within tolerance and action levels.

QATrack+'s reference and tolerances give instance test feedback

All your data at your fingertips

Want to review some previously performed data? QATrack+ makes it easy to review historical data with a variety of different views. Using QATrack+'s built in permission system, users and groups can be configured to control who has access to what data and whether or not they can modify it.

QATrack+ Review Data Menu

Service Log

In v0.3.0 of QATrack+, a machine service log and parts tracking application was introduced. This allows you to keep track of all the maintenance and down time incurred on your radiation therapy and imaging devices. You can track who was involved, the parts used in the service and any return-to-service testing that needs to be performed!

QATrack+'s has a built in machine service event log

API for automation and scripting

Use the QATrack+ API to enter data, perform offline analysis, or integrate with other software packages. Save time and money by automating your workflows!

QATrack+ has an API for automation and scripting

Email Notifications

Use the built in notifications to get an email as soon as a Test List is submitted with Test values that are outside the tolerance or action levels.

Example email notification