Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer support contracts for on-site QATrack+ installations?
    MLC is currently at capacity for on-site support contracts and currently offering cloud hosting services only.

  • Where are MLC's servers located?
    MLC uses AWS servers located as close to possible as your geographic location. Server locations include:
    • Montreal, Canada
    • Ohio, USA
    • N. Virginia, USA
    • N. California, USA
    • Oregon, USA
    • Sydney, Australia

  • How is my data backed up?
    Backups are generated on a nightly, weekly (Sunday night), and monthly (1st of month) schedule. Backups are stored both locally on servers as well as in Amazon’s S3 service (99.999999999% durable) so data is easily recoverable in case of disaster.

  • How long are backups stored?
    Nightly backups are stored for 7 days, weekly backups are stored for 5 weeks, and monthly backups are stored for 10 years.

  • How do you ensure our QATrack+ site is reliable?
    MLC takes a number of steps to ensure your QATrack+ site is available when you need it.
    • Isolation: MLC hosts each clients QATrack+ installation in its own segregated network. Your data is isolated and never stored in the same infrastructure as other clients.
    • Redundancy: Each client is allocated at least two dedicated application servers, and two dedicated database servers running in at least two independent data centres (AWS Availability Zones). Even if an entire data centre goes offline, a client’s QATrack+ site should stay available.
    • Resiliency: Each clients QATrack+ installation is continuously monitored by both AWS and a third party monitoring service (Site 24x7) to ensure it is online and responsive. If a problem is detected on a server it is automatically removed from service and replaced by a new server within minutes.

  • Can we import data from daily QA, and other QA devices?
    Currently exported data files can be uploaded to QATrack+ manually for processing/data extraction. A local software client for automation of data retrieval and upload to QATrack+ is in development.

  • Can you customize QATrack+ for our clinics need?
    Yes. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

  • Can we convert existing QC spreadsheets to QATrack+ Test Lists?
    Yes! As part of your cloud hosting contract, MLC will be happy to convert existing QC spreadsheets to QATrack+ Test Lists.

  • Can we import historical QC data to QATrack+?
    Data in well structured CSV/Excel files, or SQL databases may be able to be imported to QATrack+. Please contact to discuss your requirements.