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QATrack+ Reports

I am happy to announce the implementation of a new reports feature for QATrack+ is now available to all Multi Leaf Customers. This new feature allows users to choose from pre-existing report types, customize them with data filters, and then download them in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats. Customized reports can also be saved and shared with other user groups so you don't need to spend time recreating your reports in future.

First up lets take a look at a screenshot of the interface for generating reports.   In the screenshot below (click to view full size in a new window), you can see three columns: on the left is where you select the report type, format, and any filters you want to apply to your report, in the middle you can view a preview of how your report will look in PDF format, and on the right, you can see any customized reports you've saved for later use.

The interface for generating, previewing, and saving reports in QATrack+ (click to view full size)

The configuration panel for customizing reports.Taking a closer look at the report configuration panel (right), you will find the top section contains options which apply to all report types including:

  • Title: A field for customizing the title shown on the report
  • Report Type: A dropdown for selecting the report type you want to generate
  • Report Format: The format you want to generate your report in.  Reports may be available in one ore more of the following formats: PDF, Excel (xlsx), CSV
  • Visible To: An option to make your report visible to other user groups if so desired. You can also leave this field blank to keep your report private
  • Signature: Lastly, you can choose whether to include a signature & date field at the end of PDF reports.

Below the global configuration options you will find filtering options which are specific to the report type you have chosen.  In this case I have selected a QC Summary Report which generates a report of all the QC Test Lists performed during a given time period.  Filters for this report type include:

  • Work Completed: for selecting the time period to report on
  • Site: For restricting the report to one or more clinical facilities
  • Unit: For restricting the report to one or morespecific treatment units
  • Frequency: For filtering by the frequency a test list is performed at (e.g. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)
  • Assigned to: Allows you to restrict the report to only include test lists assigned to one or more groups

Other reports have similar filters specific to the report type.

The Saved Reports panel (click to open in new window)Clicking on the Save button in the configuration panel will save your customized report allowing you (and potentially others!) to load and re-run a report quickly and easily from the Saved Reports panel on the right (pictured at left).

You are also able to preview what your report will look like in PDF format before you download it.  Simply configure your report, then click the Preview button and the center panel (pictured below) will be filled with a rendering of your report.  Your report will include a standard header describing the report type, when the report was generated, a list of all filters that have been applied to the report, and then the data specific to the report you've chosen.

A screen capture of a PDF report preview

Current reports that have been implemented included:

  • QC Summary: This report lists all Test List's which have been performed in a given time period for selected sites, units, frequencies, and groups.
  • Test List Instances: This report includes details, including test values, reference values, and comments, for all Test List Instances from a given time period for a given Unit / Test List (Cycle) assignment.
  • Due and Overdue QC: This report shows QC tests which are currently due or overdue
  • Next Due Dates for QC: This report shows QC tests whose next due date fall in the selected time period.
  • Test Instance Values: This report allows you to select one or more tests assigned to one or more units and then download all the test values for those tests in Excel or CSV file formats for offline analysis.

If there are other reports that would be useful to have in your clinic then please let me know!  I am more than happy to work with clients to generate whatever sorts of reports they might find useful.

Stay tuned for the next addition to QATrack+'s reporting feature which will allow you to assign a schedule to your report and have it automatically delivered via email at a specific time.  This will allow you for example to set up report that gets delivered to you every Monday morning listing all the QA that needs to be completed by your group for the upcoming week!

If you want to learn more about QATrack+ please email me at Thanks for reading!