The MLC BLog

Welcoming Ryan Bottema to the MLC team

I am delighted to announce that MLC is partnering with Ryan Bottema from The Ottawa Hospital to extend our technical support coverage. Ryan will be helping out with on call customer support for all technical and configuration issues for all MLC hosting clients.

Ryan is a QATrack+ expert with 3 years of experience in both developing QATrack+ features (Ryan was resposible for implementing the new Service Log feature in QATrack+ v0.3.0) and configuring tests and test lists in a clinical setting.  

Welcome aboard Ryan!


QATrack+ is a highly flexible QC data management tool for radiotherapy and imaging clinics.  Clinics around the world are using QATrack+ to migrate their existing Excel and paper based systems for recording and reviewing machine QC data to a modern, robust web application.  If you're still using Excel or paper in your clinic get in touch ( to find out how QATrack+ and MLC can help bring order and consistency to your QC program!