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QATrack+ v0.3.1 Query Tool

People have often asked for enhanced reporting, data querying, and export capabilities in QATrack+. Today, I'm very excited to announce a new powerful tool to allow users to write SQL queries to search, summarize, chart, and analyze data in their QATrack+ databases. This tool is available now to MLC hosted customers and will be released generally in v0.3.1 which should be out sometime next year.

The new Query Tool makes it possible to answer such questions as:

  • How many times have I completed our monthly QA test lists?
  • How long does our morning QA take on average?
  • What is the test that fails most frequently on a specific unit?

Some of the features included with the query tool include:

  • A "Playground" for testing and running one off queries
  • Save queries for later use so they can be run by you or others
  • Parameterize your saved queries so they can easily be customized by people who don't know SQL
  • Export your query data to CSV, Excel or JSON
  • Analyze and summarize your data using built in pivot tables
  • Generate charts (line, scatter, bar etc) from your data
  • Link directly to your query or pivot table to share your analysis with colleagues
  • Database schema view to aid in constructing queries

I'll be adding some examples of using the query tool to this blog in the future but for now check out some screenshots below.  I'm looking forward to seeing what uses people come up with for this tool!

Fig 1 A query calculting duration for performing test lists showing the query results

A query with results shown

Fig 2. A parameterized query

A query with user input query parameters

Fig 3 Same query as Fig 2 showing results as a bar chart

Pivot chart


Fig 4 Same query as figure 2 but showing a pivot table with the median duration of each test list instance

A query with pivot table

Fig 5. A query showing distributions of test values

A query showing distribution of test values