QATrack+ Hosting & Support Services

What is QATrack+?

QATrack+ is a popular machine QC database for radiation therapy and imaging clinics.  QATrack+ is free and open source software project originally developed at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre in Ottawa, Canada.  QATrack+ is now used by dozens of clinics around the world to help manage the wealth of data generated by quality insurance programs and assist in ensuring QA is done correctly and on time.  

Multi Leaf Consulting is delighted to now offer fully manged and hosted instances of QATrack+ in the cloud so you and your colleagues can concentrate on safety and quality in your clinic, instead of configuring servers.

Full details about what QATrack+ has to offer can be found on the QATrack+ projects homepage.

Would you rather spend your time configuring servers or concentrating on quality and safety in your clinic?

QATrack+ Hosting

Installing, upgrading and maintaining an on premise QATrack+ server can be difficult and time consuming for clinics without the requisite IT expertise.  Multi Leaf Consulting (MLC) provides fully managed instances of the QATrack+ application in the cloud allowing you to access your QA data whether you're in your clinic or at a conference half way around the world.    Secure access, nightly backups, automatic upgrades and, support directly from the main developer of QATrack+ make MLC's QATrack+ hosting service an easy choice.  See below for more details and get in touch for a quote.

QATRACK+ Support

MLC provides support contracts for clinics with the following needs:

  • Help maintaining, configuring backups or upgrading an existing on site installation of QATrack+

  • Installation and configuration of a new QATrack+ instance in your clinic

  • Help designing and debugging QA tests

  • Importing historical data to your QATrack+ instance

Other Services

I have extensive experience and may be able to assist you with:

  • Custom QATrack+ plugins and extensions

  • General web development using Python & Django

  • Monte Carlo simulation and application development with EGSnrc/egs++


How MLC's QATrack+ Hosting Service Works

After signing up for QATrack+ hosting with MLC, you will be given a custom domain name (e.g. through which you and your colleagues can access your secure private instance of QATrack+.  MLC will take care of ensuring all your data is backed up safely on a nightly basis and upgrading your application when new versions and bug fixes are released.  MLC also offers assistance for configuring your initial tests, importing historical data and configuring your QATrack+ instance to suit your clinics needs.

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